Officers / Board of Directors

Club 100 officers are elected every year and Board Members have 2-year terms.  The Board of Directors are those people with a deep foundation of Club 100 Charities vision and mission and know and care about the needs in our community with our youth, elderly, homeless, handicapped and families.
Club 100 Executive Committee:
  • President: Paul Cherry
  • Vice President: Fred Kempel
  • Secretary & Director CCYC: Kirt Danielson
  • Treasurer: Douglas Elder
  • Marketing & Communications: Brenna Bertram-Salman
  • LPCOC Director: Harry Drier

Club 100 Board of Directors:

  • Paul Cherry (President/Business Administration)
  • Fred Kempel (Vice President/Business Administration)
  • Douglas Elder (Treasurer)
  • Kirt Danielson (Secretary/Director Cabana Colony)
  • Harry Drier (Director LPCOC)
  • Brenna Bertram-Salman (Marketing & Communications)
  • Chris Snyder (Fundraising, Estate & Gift Planning)
  • Nancy Schneider (Education)
  • John D’Agostino (Community)
  • Cindy Miller (Hospitality)
  • John Vogel (Member at Large)